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Viet Ha - Hakovietnam

Viet Ha founded in 1995, through over 20 years of formation and development, up to now Viet Ha has 5 members operating in both North and South.

  • 1995: Viet Ha Equipment Co., Ltd and Viet Ha Mechanical Company was established
  • 2007: Viet Ha is moving forward with the establishment of Viet Ha Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd. Marking a big turning point in bringing modern industrial sanitary ware closer to the market in the South.
  • 2012: Viet Ha Hydraulic Company Limited was established
  • 2013: Viet Ha Cleaning Equipment & Service Co., Ltd

Viet Ha is one of the pioneers in bringing modern sanitary ware closer to the Vietnamese market.

Since 2001, we have become the authorized distributor of Hako Group (Germany). During more than 70 years of establishment and development, Hako group is always among the top cleaning equipment manufacturers in the world. Leading in the field of industrial cleaning and sanitation solutions.


Providing True solutions - True quality together with working culture "Friendly - Prestige - Responsibility", which is the guideline in all business activities of Viet Ha.


  • Authorized distributor of Hako industrial hygiene equipment in the Vietnamese market
  • Distributing deceleration motor
  • Manufacturer specializes in the designing - manufacturing of hydraulic cylinders, qualified and standardized power station and distribution of hydraulic equipment.

Especially, after-sales service is paid much attention by Viet Ha and constantly improve. We always listen to and understand the difficulties that customers are facing, in order to improve service quality.


Contribute to environmental protection in Vietnam. Provide the most effective and cost-effective sanitation solutions, helping to maximize cost savings for businesses and organizations.

Contribute to the development of industry, create products that bring high efficiency, practical, modern and improve the value of life.

Confirms position of Vietnamese enterprises

Therefore, Viet Ha always strives to fulfill its role as well as develops the supplying field. To provide the best cleaning solution and supporting industry for the business.

Let us support you the best in our field of expertise.

Let Viet Ha fulfill the mission to every place in Vietnam!

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